All Things Zombie

Left 5 Dead

Great, another mouth to feed!

As the survivors are preparing to leave, the door kicks open and suddenly a young lady with a pistol is standing in the doorway. Her name is Rochelle, and she is glad for some friendly faces.


“Hey, do you think I could stay with you guys?” she asks.

“Sure,” Louis answers. “We’ve got room for one more.”

“Good, because…”

And that’s when zombies come smashing through the front door!


Meanwhile, outside, “Snipe” runs back behind the tree to give her some breathing room, and to get a better angle on the zombie sneaking up behind her. Once she’s in cover, she shoots it down, because she’s pretty much a bad-ass. The other zombies shuffle after her.


Inside the U-Haul store, Zoey goes nuts and completely fillets a zombie with her katana.


The others pitch in as well, though the third one gives them trouble. Rochelle, perhaps unwisely, peels off a shot at the last zombie, but misses. Outside, a zombie turns and begins shuffling toward the noise.


Francis smashes the last zombie with his crowbar, allowing the others double-time it out of the station. Not to be outdone, Louis fights off another zombie so the others can get past it.


The zombies continue their relentless advance, but “Snipe” clears out all of her visible pursuers. Another zombie lurches at Louis from behind, and he can barely keep his bat between him and its gnashing teeth. Despite the racket, only a couple more zombies wander onto the scene.


Unfortunately, the survivors are split up, and “Snipe” now has time to concentrate on getting revenge on Louis and his friends.

This was a short one. I think that’s turn… 8?


Ludanto Ludanto

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