All Things Zombie

Left 4 Dead

"I hate small towns."

Louis, despite his inexperience (REP4) is leading Zoey, Bill and Francis to a part of Fry Blvd in a small, Arizona town. They’re in desperate need of medical supplies, and are hoping to find some first aid kits or the like in what remains of the local businesses. They come up behind the U-Haul rental place…


A turn goes by of nothing happening… then the sun starts to set, and the daytime becomes evening, which is probably for the best, actually.


Then, from out of the taco place, a group of gangers. A woman and a man and a young adult. Perhaps a family? Louis notices them as they approach in the dimming light.

“Uh, hey! It’s cool. We’ll just wait until you’ve moved on!” he calls out to them, and in response they draw!


Luckily, Louis is jumpy and manages to fire first at the woman and the younger man!


The woman (named “Snipe”) is knocked to the ground, and her ungrateful family scatters in response. She scrambles to her feet and runs for cover behind a tree. Our survivors can no longer see her in the dim light.


The shoot-out, though brief, wakes the nearby zombies, who begin to move. (They moved randomly here, instead of toward the gunfire. Oops.)


The survivors make a break for the inside of the building, and surprisingly find no zombies or even any people. They search for medical supplies, but despite the lucky break of the distraction outside, the survivors can’t find any first-aid kits and so settle for looting the vending machine and break-room for food instead.


As the survivors search, “Snipe” takes cover behind a car and begins firing at the approaching horde.


They keep coming, and she keeps killing them, though all of the racket is literally waking the dead, including one that the survivors didn’t see within the U-Haul building! Thankfully, Francis knocks it down, and Zoey quietly finishes it off with her katana.


That’s the end of turn… 5, I think.

More later…


Ludanto Ludanto

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